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Airdeck is a prefabricated lightweight floorsytem. It consists of wideslabs (large concrete panels with a thickness of 6 or 7cm) on which Airboxes (voidformers) are installed. With Airdeck you need less concrete and steel.

Airdeck is a semi-precast solution. The panels are transported to the construction site and  installed on temporary formwork, including the lower steel and special arrangements (eg punching reinforcement, ...). After the installation, the contractor installs the upper steel and pours the concrete.

With Airdeck you can build optimized building structures:

  • large spans to create open spaces

  • less construction elements: less and leaner columns, less beams and supporting walls, ...

  • lighter weight of the total building, resulting in less foundations and less excavation works

  • less concrete and steel

  • ...

And above all: Airdeck is a very fast construction method on which  construction teams rely to cope with their planning and technical challenges.

Airdeck is fully compliant with building codes ACI, SBC, EC2, ...


Airdeck production

in Riyadh (KSA)

Airdeck elements can be picked up easily

Installation of the steel top layer

Less formwork needed

Airdeck elements are stacked for transport

Installation on temporary formwork 

Final stage: pouring of the on-site concrete

The result: flat floors and large open spaces

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