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Antwerp, BELGIUM

The ZNA Hospital is a new hospital in the city of Antwerp (Belgium). It is very unique, because it is one of the first high-rise hospitals in the country. The hospital has 21 floors, of which 19 are above ground. The total surface of the project is almost 100.000 m2.

Airdeck was selected as the lightweight floor system for the total hospital structure (including the underground parking). Flexibility in the project was very important and Airdeck came up with a tailor made drilling protocol to allow future drillings in the hospital building structure. The contractor was also able to have a good construction speed by using Airdeck. 

The building structure is now finished and about 100.000 m2 of Airdeck panels were installed.

On the ground level, a tram will make a new connection in the Antwerp area. The tramway was installed on top of the Airdeck elements. 

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Video footage of the project

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Drone movie

Drone movie

This video shows the installation of the last Airdeck elements of the project ZNA (Antwerp, Belgium).

The complete project is visible, including the installation of Airdeck elements in a high-rise building. 

Timelapse movie

This video shows the general construction speed of Airdeck in the project ZNA (Antwerp, Belgium).

Images of the project

More information?

Feel free to contact us


Foundation works


Airdeck elements to be connected to a prefabricated wall


Aerial view: Airdeck elements G-1


Aerial view: zoom on Airdeck elements. Punching zones are very visible


Detail punching zone. Upper reinforcement to be installed.


Detail wall connection


Installation by tower cranes


Installation by 2 people


Airboxes are safe to walk on

ZNA 10

Upper reinforcement is installed on the Airdeck elements

ZNA 11

Detail of the temporary supports on which the Airdeck elements are placed

ZNA 12

Transport by truck

ZNA 13

Airdeck elements are lifted directly from the truck

ZNA 14

Airdeck elements on G+19

ZNA 15

High-rise installation of precast elements

ZNA 16

Aerial view of G+19

ZNA 17

Temporary supports

ZNA 18

Detail of Airdeck-column connection

ZNA 19

Flat floors in which drillings can be done

ZNA 20

Details of sanitary drillings in Airdeck floors

ZNA 21

Detail of sanitary drillings in Airdeck floors

ZNA 22

Detail of sanitary drillings in Airdeck floors

ZNA 23

Shafts next to rigid cores, integrated in the Airdeck floors

ZNA 24

MEP installed underneath Airdeck floors (before installation of false ceilings)

ZNA 25

Aerial view on the total project

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